Family Mountain Dogs


ust wanted to send you a picture of Lucy.
She is doing great!!  Getting bigger and sweeter every single day. 
Have a wonderful day.

Karen & John

Just wanted to thank you and your family again for Bertha - who we have renamed Lucy.  It was great to finally meet you and your girls. 

Lucy is doing great.  Everyone just absolutely loves this sweet little (big) girl.  She did great on the way home and we got lucky once again with no storms. 

  We will keep in touch and send pictures of Lucy along the way also.

 Love, John & Karen


Stella, are great friends. She enjoys the mountains and our cabin as expected. We are very happy with our decision to bring her into our family.
Thank You! Sam


Sam is the best! We had a good trip home (although we were tired). Sam whined the first two nights but since then has only whined once in the night to go out. Yeah!!! We are still working on potty training but he is very smart and is learning quickly. Erin absolutely loves him! Everyone that meets him falls in love. He is quickly becoming a member of our family and I can hardly wait to get off work so that I can spend time with him. Thank you so much.
Laurie and Erin Christiansen

We are looking forward to our third night with "Ron" we are now calling "Dozer"!  He is quite a loveable puppy.  He is just what my husband was looking for! Thank you so much for allowing us to be his parents. We feel blessed.  He is so laid back and easy. God Bless you and thank you,
Pedro and Merry Carrazana

Hi Martin Family
   Kuma is almost 9 months now and he's such a good dog.   We get compliments on how beautiful of a dog he is all the time.   He is the talk of the "Dog Park".   His coloring is so beautiful and his fur is very shiny.   He loves to play with every dog he sees.  At home he's a lover and pretty obedient.   We've really enjoyed him.   He had a lot of energy and it was hard to entertain him all the time at first, but taking him to the dog park to run off energy and play with the other dogs has helped that a lot.  We're so glad we picked him and we love him.   He's been a great addition to our family and a great companion. 

Thanks, Heidi Lachel

Hi Martins!

Just wanted to say thanks again.  We are head over heels for this gorgeous little boy.  He's gotten very used to his new home & seems to rule the roost already.  Everything went well during these first two weeks, he has adapted to us & is a very playful loving little pup.  He's doing very well potty training & was crate trained from the moment he got home.  All is well. :) 

Thank you! Shellie, Mike and Jacob

Hey you guys. its been months since Ive gotten my pup and hes the best companion a boy can ask for, when you think about boy and dog that's me and my Marley. anyways, marley just turned 1 years old on aug. 2nd. I changed his name from Frisky to Marley when I received him and hes pretty good with his name. He learned how to potty train overnight, and he's very playful and active. i really thank you guys so much for breeding the most beautiful dog in the world :) I was on your Family Mountain Dogs site, such gorgeous pups you have. thank you so much!

Good morning, i wanted to let you know she is doing great. I have named her Maggie. Whatever you guys do to prepare the pups really works!  She is a delight. I really got a winner. It's like she has been here all along.  Keep up the great work and thank you. Mona

Rachel, We have renamed Bones, Grizzly. We really enjoy him. We have him in dog obedience classes and he enjoys going to the dog park. Can’t believe that he is almost 7 months old. We saw all the new puppies. They are all adorable.

Take care, Michele Svejda

 Hello Martins,
This time last year we got Hans (now Otto) from you...he flew from Cedar Rapids to Denver during a break in the heat wave.  Fortunately, it was not as hot last year at this time as it is now!

Attached is a photo of Otto a little after he turned one year old.  It was taken in Utah in May.  He is happy and healthy and likes life in the mountains in Colorado (we live in Glenwood Springs).  Life in the Rocky Mountains must be a little something like life in the Bernese Alps was for his ancestors.  -Matt, Suzie, and Otto.

Dear Martin Family,  Just a little note to let you know that Jane (Janie) has turned 4 and is still the BEST dog in the world! She is a picture of health and a true joy to our family! Sincerely, Greg and Sylvia Christian
Mission Viejo, Ca

We renamed Ritz as Sabo and he is a wonderful addition to our family!  He has a great temperament and has proven to be one of the smartest puppies I have ever seen.  I have already recommended you to a few friends who love Sabo almost as much as we do.  His vet check-up went amazing, and we are looking forward to a long life with him. If we are ever in the market for another pup you will be the first people we call!! Thank you so much for making the process of buying our first puppy as seamless as possible!
Rachel and Kevin